PrimeKey staff members

IT Security Solutions

Our products often take the role of IT security infrastructure, as a vital part of a bigger solution, where several products integrate to form larger system solutions.

PrimeKey’s technology is used by organizations and enterprises to securely implement PKI solutions used for ePassports, eBanking, ePayment, mobile/Internet security, IoT and more.

Providing the best PKI solution for any use case

Using PrimeKey’s technology you can make the most out of your PKI solution, enabling flexibility, integration, usability and maximum scalability.

As an example solution, Bankgirot (The Swedish Clearing House of Payments) is running PrimeKey technology for certificate issuance and handling of electronic identities (eID) and payment verifications (OCSP) for the public and banking sector. Read business case.

I am very pleased that Bankgirot has entrusted us with delivering our solution that is now being used by million of users within the banking and public sector, says Tomas Gustavsson, CEO of PrimeKey Solutions AB.