PrimeKey NPKD

A system for handling National Certificates

Many countries have implemented Biometric Passports (or e-Passports), allowing their citizens to travel more secure and efficient.

All efforts in standardization of travel documents are done under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This makes travellers’ documents easy to recognize, read and validate by the foreign countries people visit. ICAO is in charge and operates a directory of certificates used to issue passports; each of the associated countries has its own certificate. The directory is called the Public Key Directory (PKD).

Each sovereign nation handles the PKD list on its own, as it finds appropriate and secure. The PrimeKey NPKD product addresses the needs of a country to have an efficient, secure and robust system of importing other nations’ certificates from the PKD, as well as exporting its own certificates to the PKD.

ICAO Public Key Directory and PrimeKey NPKD

Furthermore, PrimeKey NPKD makes it easy to manage the imported top-level certificates from other countries – to decide if and how much they trust these certificates – to be able to swiftly revoke a certificate in case of need.

PrimeKey NPKD works seamlessly with EJBCA Enterprise or SignServer Enterprise, used by several nations to issue their citizen passports. In fact, we have built in some of the security features used by EJBCA to the NPKD.

As we are committed to open standards, one of them being ICAOs specifications, our PrimeKey NPKD is designed and works well even for those nations who have not yet migrated to EJBCA Enterprise.

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