EJBCA Enterprise Certification

The course was very comprehensive, PrimeKey was accommodating in taking care of our needs, says Alan Tay, SecureMetric.

When completing the entire EJBCA certification course, participants receive their personal certification diploma, issued by the PrimeKey training team or by a PrimeKey certified training partner.

EJBCA Training Course (4 days)

Typically, the EJBCA PKI training course runs for four days and is divided in two parts: EJBCA Essentials (2 days) and EJBCA Advanced Administration (2 days). Each course section is a combination of lectures and hands-on case study exercises, that provide practical real-world experience.

EJBCA PKI Essentials (day 1+2)

Essentials covers installation and administration of EJBCA, such as managing end-entities, creating CAs for authentication and SSL certificates. Essentials also covers administrator privileges with different administrator groups and differences between CA administrators, RA administrators, Supervisors and Super Administrators.

After attending the Essentials program the participants will be able to install EJBCA PKI and administrate the installation using the admin web interface.

EJBCA PKI Advanced Administration (day 3+4)

Advanced Administration examines advanced features of EJBCA PKI. Some important steps are: performing advanced configuration of EJBCA, managing advanced features such as the command line interface, publishers, approvals and key recovery. Issuance of smart card certificates is also included.

After attending the Advanced Administrator program the participants will be confident in maintaining, monitoring and trouble shooting EJBCA installations They will also know how to further customize EJBCA to meet specific customer needs.