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Adds Value to your PKI Solution

With our wide experience in PKI, we are able to offer the best EJBCA and SignServer support available. Many EJBCA and SignServer users hire PrimeKey when they realize it’s less expensive and far more efficient to have us take care of their PKI troubles.

– We couldn’t be happier with the competent and available support function, both on-site and over phone. PrimeKey has proven to deliver fast, excellent and professional support services to fit all our needs and expectations, says Fredrik Eriksson, Product Manager at Bankgirot, Sweden.

We offer our customers two options for EJBCA support: Enterprise Support and Appliance Support.

What do I get?SoftwareSoftware & Hardware
Software downloads,
incl. patches
Online documentationcheck tinycheck tiny
Support portal accesscheck tinycheck tiny
Private portal projectcheck tinycheck tiny
Number of incidentsUnlimitedUnlimited
Security and critical patch notificationscheck tinycheck tiny
Best practise advicecheck tinycheck tiny
Hotfix and emergeny patchescheck tinycheck tiny
Firmware updates, incl. patches-check tiny
Installation, advice duringcheck tinycheck tiny
Installation, complete (additional charges)check tinycheck tiny
Raise support case via web and e-mailcheck tinycheck tiny
Raise support case via phone (8x5 or 24x7)check tinycheck tiny
Guaranteed response timecheck tinycheck tiny
Professional services (additional charges)check tinycheck tiny
Hardware maintenance and replacement-check tiny