PrimeKey Partners

With a large part of our business already generated through partners, PrimeKey Solutions is continuously establishing partnerships all over the world. Our mutually beneficial relationships maximize customer benefit and improve our respective market shares.


Versasec is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider that helps businesses of all sizes manage their access-enabling devices, including smart cards, mobile, tablets, virtual tokens and RFID/NFC.

C2 Company logo

C2 Company, San Mateo California – architects, builds, protects and maintains networks and systems that enable enterprises to accelerate both business impact and the speed of IT projects, while minimizing costs and risks.

Cogito Group is an Australian and New Zealand based company that specialises in authentication services (identity, access and credential management) and data protection. We are digital security experts that focus on enabling technology that keeps your physical, logical and cloud based data and infrastructure safe.

Init logo

Init, Stockholm Sweden – provides architecture, design and programming skills for the introduction of new technology in the field of system development.

OGIS-RI logo

OGIS-RI, Osaka Japan – by offering complete solutions backed by advanced capabilities in both technology and business, OGIS-RI – an Osaka Gas company – is able to match the best possible e-business solution to each and every client.

Open Limit Logo

OpenLimit SignCubes AG, Baar Switzerland  – enables people and machines globally to communicate without restrictions securely, identifiably and provably. OpenLimit develops base technologies and products in the areas: electronic identities, electronic signatures, evidentiary value-preserving long-term storage of data and documents and secure data transmission between machines.

SecureMetric logo

SecureMetric, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – is proud to be the top rated digital security solution provider within Southeast Asia, with specialisation in PKI. With offices spread around Southeast Asia, SecureMetric is able to serve more than 20 Certificate Authorities in the region.

Trustis logo

Trustis has been providing trust services since 1999 and have worked on some of the most complex PKI implementations in the UK. Trustis operate their services from multiple secure facilities based in the UK. Their operations are ISO 27001, tScheme and ETSI Certified.