Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Jan Nygren, born in 1950. Business associate at Consilio International AB, Chairman of the board of Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) and chairman of the board of director of Danderyds emergency hospital. Former State secretary and former Cabinet Minister, Swedish government and former Executive Vice President of Saab AB. Among other assignments: Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering and Science, the Royal Swedish Academy of War and the Teaspoon Order.

Members of the Board

Tomas Gustavsson, born in 1971, M. Sc, has been researching and implementing PKI systems since 1994. Project founder and developer of the open source enterprise PKI project EJBCA, contributor to numerous open source projects. Member of Oasis EKMI TC and member of the board of Open Source Sweden.

Before co-founding PrimeKey in 2002, Tomas worked in both research and the commercial sector. He has designed and deployed several PKI systems, such as large scale national and organizational deployments and EU ePassport infrastructures. A committed follower of open standards, Tomas works with organizations like Oasis, IETF and ISO.

Fredrik Rapp, born in 1972. Member of the board for Binar AB, Perfecta-gruppen AB, TM Webexpress AB, Xano Industri AB and Eesti Hööveliist OÜ among others.

Lars Silvén, born in 1962, M.Sc., from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Since the beginning of the 90s, Lars has been researching and implementing PKI and smart appliances in different business areas, among others the telecommunication area. Project founder and developer of PrimeCard and PrimeCardHSM and contributor to several open source projects.