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Stockholm by night

Tech Days 2016

Event ► PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2016

19-20 September 2016 — Stockholm, Sweden

We are happy to invite you to Stockholm and PrimeKey PKI Tech Days, probably the only real hardcore PKI event in 2016. More than 90% of the attendees from last year were very positive about the event. One thing we were asked for was to do even more “geek stuff”.

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worker bee on a mission

Job opportunities

We’re hiring ► up to 10 new engagements

3 May 2016 — Stockholm/Aachen

Marketing Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Developer, VP Engineering and Service & Support and others.

More info here: primekey-partners/Career

PrimeKey PKI Appliance

PKI Appliance 2.5.0

Product Release ► PKI Appliance

3 May 2016 — Aachen, Germany

The PrimeKey Appliance team is proud to announce the release of PKI Appliance 2.5.0. This is a feature release which brings mainly a new version of EJBCA and (optional) SignServer.

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Cracking sea bed - illustrating the erosion of consumer trust

Thought Leadership 19

Newsletter ► Preventing the erosion of consumer trust

22 April 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

There is a lot of buzz and talk surrounding public key infrastructure (PKI), but few decision-makers understand the kind of business impact a decision not to use a PKI solution can really have.

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Magnus Svenningson, new CEO, PrimeKey

New CEO appointed

Press Release ► New CEO to enhance the PrimeKey proposition

8 March 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden

Mr Magnus Svenningson has today been appointed CEO of PrimeKey Solutions. “I am delighted that Magnus Svenningson has accepted the challenge. With his background from the security and ID-document world he brings experience vital to PrimeKey’s future growth” says Jan Nygren, Chairman of the Board.

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PrimeKey at RSA 2016

Thought Leadership 18

Newsletter ► Everybody was there, reflections from RSA San Francisco

8 March 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

Looking back on the annual edition of the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, one thing definitely stood out – everybody was there. The RSA Expo is the hotspot for who is who in the IT Security community, and has been for some time.

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EJBCA Enterprise - PKI by PrimeKey

EJBCA 6.5.0

Product Release ► EJBCA Enterprise

29 Feb 2016 — Stockholm, Sweden

The PrimeKey EJBCA® team is proud to announce the release of EJBCA Enterprise 6.5.0. This version puts into effect several security improvements and tightens up the Administration UI.

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Thought Leadership 17

Newsletter ► His name is Bunne, Jonatan Bunne

22 February 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

Some people have that remarkable knack of being in the right place at the right time. Jonatan Bunne must have that ability; he joined PrimeKey in November 2015 as Regional Sales Manager Nordics and North America. PrimeKey is currently creating plenty of waves in the market place, many famous large enterprises are not only looking at PrimeKey technology, but have also signed up as clients, or are about to.

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PKI Appliance in 3 models

Press Release ► The only turn-key PKI solution now available in S, M and L

10 February 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden

With the release of PKI Appliance 2.4, PrimeKey Solutions now offers the PKI Appliance in three different models.

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SignServer Enterprise - PKI by PrimeKey

SignServer 3.7.1

Product Release ► SignServer Enterprise

29 January 2016 — Stockholm, Sweden

The PrimeKey SignServer team is happy to announce the release of SignServer Enterprise 3.7.1, introducing support for Java code signing (JAR-signing) including support for signing Android apps (APK).

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RSA 2016

Event ► RSA Conference 2016

29 Feb-4 Mar 2016 — San Francisco, CA

Interested in PKI and PrimeKey’s IT security products for IoT, the Cloud, 3GPP, LTE, e-ID, e-Passports, Time Stamping or Code Signing?

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Edward Law, CEO SecureMetric

Thought Leadership 16

Newsletter ► Why SecureMetric recommends PrimeKey PKI Appliance in Asia

27 January 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

We had the good fortune and opportunity to interview Edward Law, CEO of SecureMetric, one of PrimeKey Solutions’ invaluable partners. SecureMetric has its head office in Kuala Lumpur and is one of the leading ICT security vendors in South East Asia, with strong domain expertise in the areas of PKI and Authentication. We started to talk about Edward’s views and experiences of implementing PrimeKey PKI Appliance in Asia.

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Thought Leadership 15

Newsletter ► Put the right amount of trust in your things

14 December 2015 — Sweden, Stockholm

I am currently planning to automate my home, or at least my summer cabin. It sounds great to be able to see how cold it is, and if it is freezing, to be able to turn on the heating so everything is cosy when we arrive. This is just the basic kind of function – the market has so much more to offer. You can unlock the door if one of your friends wants to borrow your cabin, or turn the kettle on when you are nearly there. The possibilities are almost endless.

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PrimeKey PKI Appliance

PKI Appliance 2.4.0

Product Release ► PKI Appliance

9 December 2015 — Stockholm, Sweden

The PrimeKey Appliance team is proud to announce the release of PKI Appliance 2.4.0.

This is a feature release which introduces several new functionalities and improvements and restructures the appliance portfolio by introducing new models. From this release on PrimeKey will offer the PKI Appliance in three different models (S, M, L) addressing different needs depending on the use cases.

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Aveen on mountain bike

Thought Leadership 14

Newsletter ► I trust everybody you trust, because I trust you

16 November 2015 — Sweden, Stockholm

Aveen Ismail is a member of PrimeKey’s EJBCA Development Team. Besides being a talented PKI specialist, Aveen likes to spend her free time reading, baking, and riding mountain bikes. Being an avid cineast, Aveen got a certification as a cinema projectionist during her studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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