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Appliance 2.6 – introducing EJBCA 6.6 and a new internal infrastructure

– This is probably one of the most complex releases of the PrimeKey PKI Appliance so far. Besides several new features, the internal infrastructure has been reworked. I am proud to say that edition 2.6 is more secure than ever.
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Addressing security within Industrial IoT

There is an increasing buzz about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). More and more are talking about it, the field is growing and PrimeKey was recently invited to speak to Swedish industries about IIoT and about the security implications it entails. There is definitely something interesting going on in the market here.

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Thank you for the best year ever!

We just released news about how 2016 was a truly great year for PrimeKey and would like to share with you a little bit more about why. The most important reason is that our customers and partners appreciate our products and we would like to give you a big “Thank You For Your Trust And For Your Business!”.

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A few highlights from the most successful year in PrimeKey history

All time high

With booming business PrimeKey hits an all time high regarding turnover, ending up with over 129 % increase in turnover.

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Meet PrimeKey at RSA Conference USA 2017

Meet us at RSA Conference 2017

To partake in the most important and recent news within the security branch, PrimeKey is exhibiting at RSA Conference, San Francisco, 13-17 February 2017.

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IT Security Solutions – new film from PrimeKey

IT security doesn’t need to be a headache. PrimeKey’s process guarantees a bullet proof solution and your peace of mind. We deliver the best soft- and hardware on the market: EJBCA and PKI Appliance with all needed technologies integrated.

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PKI, protecting your data and your customers – new film from PrimeKey

PKI: Public Key Infrastructure. Without even knowing it you are probably using PrimeKey technologies on a daily basis.

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EJBCA Enterprise 6.6.0 – Bigger, better and more secure than ever

19 October 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden

More resolved issues than ever and a brand new RA architecture – the release of EJBCA 6.6.0 is big news for IT Security, Certificate Authorities (CA) and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) market.

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New film from PrimeKey – The importance of IT Security

Hacking and data loss is a clear and present threat today. With everything available over the Internet, just locking the door to the building is far from enough.

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SignServer Enterprise - PKI by PrimeKey

SignServer 4.0.0

Product Release ► SignServer Enterprise

22 September 2016 — Stockholm, Sweden

The PrimeKey SignServer team is happy to announce the release of SignServer Enterprise 4.0.0, introducing the next generation SignServer including support for large files.

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Participants at PKI Tech Days 2016

The only real hardcore PKI event in 2016

21 Sept 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

This week it was finally time for “The only real hardcore PKI event in 2016”: PrimeKey PKI Tech Days. The event was designed for people who have a professional background in IT Security, work with system integration and authentication, run a PKI solution and/or are already familiar with EJBCA.

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IP EXPO Nordic 2016

Event ► CTO Tomas Gustavsson speaks at IP Expo Nordic: Serious breaches that have pushed the development of PKI and code signing

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Newsletter ► To boldly go where no-one has gone before

24 Aug 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

Many IT security experts are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead, including the complexity of the security systems themselves. So we talked to Martin Oczko, who is one of the speakers at the upcoming PrimeKey PKI Tech Days, and asked him if he had any thoughts on the subject and what he thinks about the future.

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Katharina Willmann

Newsletter ► You can only assure quality if there is quality

22 July 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

According to Katharina Willmann, the Quality Assurance Manager at PrimeKey, you can only assure quality if there is quality. Katharina says, “It is the job of me and my team to make sure that we keep our high quality and improve on it. That is why working at PrimeKey feels so great. PrimeKey products are of good quality and as a PrimeKey customer you can rely on us and actually enjoy your holidays, knowing that our solutions work.”

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Newsletter ► Securing your PKI migration

29 June 2016 — Sweden, Stockholm

PrimeKey Solutions has many customers that are using PKI for their new products or services. However, we often hear from organisations that are considering moving to our products, or have already made the decision to migrate from a different PKI solution.

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